1,000 komuz players at the opening of the Second World Nomad’s Game

 On July 29 Aigine Cultural-Research Center and ” Asylbashev Creative ” LLC signed an agreement on joint cooperation.

Under the agreement  Aigine CRC is setting up a a group of 1,000 komuz players to participate at the opening of the Second World Nomad’s Game . This group will be comprised of high school teachers from all regions of Kyrgyzstan, who successfully graduated Aigine CRC’s teaching seminar on playing komuz based on Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s En-Belgi system.

In 2012-2013, Aigine CRC trained 40 teachers from all seven provinces, who for the last five years have established a wide network of En-Belgi bearers. During these project years supported by TCF, Nurak Abdrakhmanov had a big dream of seeing synchronized performance of his 500 apprentices. The master’s deam has been finally fulfilled, 1,000 komuz players will simultaneously perform during the opening ceremony of the Second International Nomad’s Game.  .In memory and honor of Nurak Abdrakhmanov, the group will bear the name En-Belgi and will become one of the biggest komuz band ever created in the history of traditional music.

1,000 komuz players  will perform a melody Mash-Botoi by Atai Ogombaev at the opening of the Second WorldNomad’s Game on 3 September 2016.