A meeting with a head of a cultural center of Iranian embassy in Bishkek

Date: March, 31 2011

Venue: Aigine CRC

On March, 31, staff members of Aigine CRC met with Mohammad Hossein Abedini, the Head of the Cultural Center of Iranian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Iranian party, developing its connections with Kyrgyzstani organizations and funds working in cultural and educational fields, initiated this meeting.

The main goal of the meeting was to get familiar with each other’s activities and to discuss possible areas of cooperation.

Mohammad Hossein Abedini was accompanied by Mirzohalip Karimov, the editor of Adep Magazine, and Bakirov Saifiddin, the interpreter.

The Aigine CRC party was represented by Gulnara Aitpaeva, the head of the cultural research center; Cholponai Usubalieva-Grischuk, a researcher; Turgangazieva Ainura, a research-assistant; and Seidakmatova Chinara, a supernumerary advisor.

Mr. Mohammad Hossein Abedini told about cultural programs and initiatives of the Cultural Center of Iranian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and Gulnara Aitpaeva shared with information about projects and programs of Aigine CRC.

During negotiations many topics have been discussed such as opposition of folk and fundamental Islam; pilgrimage to sacred sites; ancient heritage of Iranian and Kyrgyz people; east – west relations and friends – foes of Kyrgyzstan.

Seidakmatova Chinara, a supernumerary advisor of Aigine CRC, noted that there are no donors and grant givers supporting traditional forms of Islam. Such forms of Islamic religion can provide grounds for building efficient relationships among Eastern countries.

During negotiations possible ways of cooperation have been marked:

  • Project on comparison of sacred sites of Iran and Kyrgyzstan. Aigine CRC’s assistance in publishing the book of the Cultural Center of Iranian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, called «Кыргызстандын маданий ажары» (“Cultural beauty of Kyrgyzstan”). Conduction of a seminar on crisis resolution in a state, using an example of Imam Khomeini, the leader of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Iranian party’s assistance in publishing of educational material on ancient culture of Iran with the aim of busting stereotypes about Iran as a country of fundamentalism and terrorism.
  • Iranian party’s participation in an international conference «The changing role of Islam” which will be conducted by (anticipatory in fall of 2011).