A presentation of Cahiers D’Asie Centrale Issue No. 24

A presentation of Cahiers D’Asie Centrale Issue No. 24 was held at the Institute of Islam Studies and Muslim Communities in 12 March, 2015 in Paris.
Dr.Olivier Ferrand, head of the French Institute of Central Asian Studies (IFEAC), along with French scholars, Stéphane Dudoignon (CNRS/Cetobac), Alexandre Papas (CNRS/Cetobac), Thierry Zarcone (CNRS/Gsrl), as well as Ingeborg Baldauf (Humboldt University), Timour Muhidine (INALCO) and Michel Bernandini from Italy made their contributions to the presentation. It was attended by other scholars interested in the region.
The issue No.24 is on Literature and Society in Central Asia and dedicated to the analysis of the development of literary works in the region throughout different phases of history. Dr. Gulnara Aitpaeva from Kyrgyzstan and Marc Toutant from France became the editors of the journal. The Issue features articles of literature experts from France, Italy, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the USA.
Dr. Gulnara Aitpaeva, head of the Aigine CRC, made the presentation of the Issue with emphasis on interrelation types between literature and society in different phases of history. Dr. Aitpaeva has also presented her article on Kyrgyz Prose during Perestroika: Anticipating or Constructing the Future? The article analyses the prose published during the Perestroika period in Kyrgyz language and features an idea that interrelation of “field of literature” and “field of power” began to form in Kyrgyzstan during the Perestrkoika period in particular. This interrelation started to influence not only the structure of the field of literature, but also the structure of society as a whole.