Blessed Land of Batken and Folk Knowledge, 2012

Blessed Land of Batken and Folk Knowledge
Касиеттүү Баткен аймагы жана эл билими 

Aigine CRC has been publishing books on sacred sites since 2007. The beginning of 2012  was marked by our 5th publication on sacred sites of Batken province.  The book is published in the Kyrgyz language. The publication was financed by The Christensen Fund, USA

The book is based on the findings of a one-year research study carried out in the Batken province. The first part of the book contains description, oral history and a list of sacred sites. The book also includes articles closely related to the phenomenon of sacred sites and kyrgyzchylyk such as sacred sites secrets, connection between people and the land, healing capacities of animals and plants, genealogy, etc.

Authors of the articles are poets, writers, scholars, Manas narrators, and sacred site guardians, as well ordinary pilgrims who share their stories and for whom pilgrimage is a significant spiritual act.

The second part of the book contains academic papers by local and international scholars.

Part I
Chapter I: The world of sacred sites
Chapter II: Morals and values. Customs and traditions
Chapter III: Contemporary folklore
Chapter IV: History. Genealogy. Legends
Chapter V: Abundance of land and talent of people
Chapter VI: Folk knowledge
Chapter VII: Healing capacities of animals and plants
Chapter VIII: Sacred world and kyrgyzchylyk
Chapter IX: Mazar purifies the soul
Chapter X: Seven kojos and the prophet Daud
Chapter XI: Folk heritage
Chapter XII: Role of traditions in modern forms of self-organization – event organized by the Aigine CRC

Part II
Aitpaeva, G., The phenomenon of jaichylyk in the Manas epic
Mamyev, D., Sacred sites are the source and the guardian of knowledge
Erlanbaeva, M., The meaning of sacred sites for indigenous people of Altai
Almashev, Ch., Concepts related to sacred sites, traditions and customs in Altai
Tacea, A., Healing and fortune telling in Batken

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NOTE: The book is available for purchase at 500 KGS.