Closed discussion: Diversity of the Manas Phenomenon

Place: Aigine CRC
Date and time: January 21 2010
Working language: Kyrgyz

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss new version of the Manas epic and bring together male narrators of the epic with Bubu Mairiam Musa Kyzy, a woman who brought to light a new version of the Manas epic. The new version of the epic under the name Aikol Manas came to life in 1995 and by the year of 2010 ten volumes of the new version were published.

During the discussion, the following were identified as confrontations between:

  • the concepts of kyrgyzchylyk and musulmanchylyk reflected in the epic
  • “aliveness” of the words, i.e. oral recitation and written form of the epic
  • scientists and narrators
  • epic versions of Yraman Yrchy uulu and Jaisan
  • the male and female versions and their meanings and values

Short summary: The first meeting of male narrators of Manas and the lady reviving new version of the epic took place. For the first time bearers of different traditional epic narrations identified a number of confrontations and disputable issues around the versions. The bearers of the epic knowledge agreed that they are united under one spiritual mission and should be aware of each other’s deeds. All the participants of the discussion supported the idea and initiative of the Aigine CRC to conduct regular meetings and discuss different array of questions related to the Manas epic on a regular basis.

Participants of the discussion:

  • Dr. Gulnara Aitpaeva, director of Aigine CRC
  • Kuban Almabekov, manaschy
  • Bubu Mariam Musa kyzy, bearer of the epic received from the spirit of
  • Keneshbek Aitikeev, freelance advisor of the Aigine CRC
  • Tilek Asanov, manaschy
  • Zamir Bayalinov, manaschy
  • Talantaaly Bakchiev, manaschy
  • Kadyrbek Beishenov, manaschy
  • Aibek Jumabekov, manaschy
  • Ulan Ismailov, manaschy
  • Ryspai Isakov, manaschy
  • Altynbek Karamoldoev, manaschy
  • Jumadin Kadyrov, follower of the epic from Jaisan’s spirit
  • Shailoobek Rashov, manaschy
  • Chynara Seidakmatova, freelance advisor of the Aigine CRC
  • Doolot Sydykov, manaschy