Closed meeting on Reanimating Socially-oriented Traditional Practices

On 21 February 2014, a closed meeting of Manas reciters and spiritual practitioners working toward reanimating certain traditional practices took place in the Aigine office. As of now, these practices have almost fallen into oblivion. The reason for resurrecting ritual traditions lies in the fact that they are specifically oriented at the needs of communities of a different scale. The meeting had been initiated by bearers of spiritual knowledge. They presented their vision on the expedience and restoration of forgotten practices. In their opinion, epic reciters can help restore some aspects of the sought-for knowledge. Participants of the meeting made a general analysis of the issue and discussed possible ways of joint activities.

This meeting came as a result of Aigine director and expert’s participation in a live television broadcast at the Public TV and Radio Company on 14 February 2014. The TV program was dedicated to spiritual traditional practices.