Crystal placement ceremony, 2010

Date: 16 May 2010
Place: Cholpon-Ata, Barskoon, Tyup

How did it all start?
In March 2010, Erzhen Khamaganova, regional director of the TCF programs in Central Asia and Turkey, brought an envelope from the United States to the Aigine CRC. The envelope was sent by Marshal Jack, Native American spiritual leader, and it contained a letter and two leather parcels with small crystals and a vial of water. The main message in the letter was a request by Marshal Jack to place the crystals and pour the water into the Lake Yssyk-Kol before 18 May 2010.

The crystals and the water had been programmed during a Native American fire ceremony, holding the energy to heal the waters of the world, and were intended to be placed in 8 lakes around the globe. The Lake Yssyk-Kol in Kyrgyzstan was one of these 8 lakes. On 18 May 2010 when energies were most powerful for all the planetary waters it was necessary to create a crystal altar and connect all 8 crystals, and complete the ceremony.

How was this message accepted by bearers of kyrgyzchylyk and local traditional practitioners?
Having read the message and having done some research in the Internet, the Aigine CRC invited prominent and leading groups of traditional practitioners to discuss Marshal Jack’s request and to identify the groups of people to take up the responsibility of conducting the crystal placement ceremony in Yssyk-Kol.

Different ideas were expressed during the meeting. The idea of crystal placement found its supporters and those who opposed the idea entirely. Therefore, one meeting was not enough to develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan of actions. Those who were against the ceremony doubted the “positive energy” and “purity” of the crystals. A number of Kyrgyz traditional practitioners “saw” – or were looking for – a hidden agenda, and they didn’t believe that this ceremony was, indeed, intended to purify and heal the Lake Yssyk-Kol and other waters of our planet. Hence, the main argument was that this ceremony would ruin the sacredness of our lake and cause damage to the country in general.

Self-organization around the water ceremony
In order to confirm or dissipate the aforementioned arguments, the Aigine CRC invited traditional practitioners and healers from such organizations as SolnceBakdoolotKut OrdoBata and Uluu Kyrgyz Ruhuthat work with energies and are able to determine their “quality.” Gradually, all of them reached a conclusion that crystals have pure and positive energy and would not harm anyone and anything. The leaders of these groups supported the idea of placing the crystals, but none of them took the initiative to conduct the ceremony. After a number of meetings it was decided that the Aigine CRC will be responsible for coordinating and organizing the logistics of the water ceremony. However, all stakeholders (around 30 people) shared their ideas, participated in developing a common concept of the ceremony and identified the place and time for placing the crystals. In this respect, Marshal Jack’s request, during discussions and the preparation for the ceremony, played a crucial role in consolidating Kyrgyz practitioners.

Importantly, Sultan Sarygulov and Abdrakhman Samatov also played a vital role in conducting the ceremony. They don’t affiliate themselves with any spiritual groups; they are well educated, reasonable and independent individuals.

Determining the place, date and time of the ceremony
One of the spiritual messengers, Kubanychbek Mogoldorov, received an ayan (prophetic dream) on where the ceremony should be conducted. According to his dream, the crystals were to be placed at three locations around the lake, in Cholpon-Ata, Tyup and Barskoon. If we connect these 3 points on the map, we will see a triangle, and the center of one of its sides coincides with the center of the lake. Kubanychbek Monoldorov is an independent practitioner and we expected that his prophetic dream would lead to arguments and discussions. However, this information was immediately received by all potential participants.

On the contrary, determining the date and time for placing the crystals brought many ideas and arguments. As a result, after a number of small meetings, the other independent practitioner, Abdrakhman Samatov, determined the date and time by decoding the name of Marshal Jack. He was able to convince other practitioners that the ceremony should be held on 16 May at 16:00 in Cholpon-Ata and at 16:03 in Tyup and Barskoon. By this time, there were quite a few interested individuals who wanted to participate and make their input. All participants split up into three groups and chose where they wanted to go. As a result, representatives of the Solnce Team went to Cholpon-Ata, representatives of Kut Ordo went to Barskoon, and A. Samatov, S. Sarygulov, Aigine CRC and members of Ak Shumkar Kut went to Tyup. All travel expenses were covered by the participants.

Crystal placement ceremony
On 15 May 2010, the Solnce Team, A. Samatov, S. Sarygulov and T. Tashmatov placed one crystal in the lake Koltor which is located high in the mountains in close vicinity to the village of Choktal. This lake is considered to be a sacred site. According to them, this alpine lake is the beginning of all things from where all the main waters come, and its water is used by the people living on the northern side of the lake. Therefore, the water healing and purifying ritual was supposed to start where the waters are begotten.

On 26 May all three groups traveled to their location at the designated time. Each group conducted their own rituals and prayed before placing the crystals into the water. The ceremony of placing the crystals was unified; the intention of each participant was directed at healing, purifying and enriching all waters of the World. They were female participants who put the crystals into the water, because water is a female element.

The ceremony was successful for all the groups. However, the group that went to Tyup faced the same problem that was encountered in the very beginning. Representatives of the women’s spiritual organization Kyrk Kyzwho heard about the preparation for the ceremony, but didn’t take part in discussions and meetings, came to Tyup right before the beginning of the ceremony and started arguing about the meaning and consequences of the ceremony. Due to the weighed arguments of such participants as S. Sarygulov and A. Samatov the ceremony was conducted despite some emotional disturbances. If the ceremony had been initiated and conducted solely by the Aigine CRC without these practitioners and if the same situation had occurred, the success of the ceremony would have been dubious.

All traditional practitioners who participated in the ceremony received a number of positive signs displayed in the sky and on the surface of the lake in the form of birds and a column of light. Having completed the ceremony, all the groups visited adjacent sacred sites to discuss the signs and their meaning.

It is important to mention that the water ceremony is still going on. From the very beginning, the initiative group decided to keep several crystals and after completing the main ceremony at the Lake Yssyk-Kol they planned to take a number of trips to culturally and spiritually important water sources. As a result, S. Sarygulov and A. Samatov together with their fellow practitioners placed the remaining crystals in the lake Song-Kol, and the rivers Ala-Archa, Naryn and Ak-Buura. At the end of July 2010, they are planning on placing the remaining crystal in to the lake Sary-Chelek. These ceremonies, according to the initiative group, are important not only for purging the waters, but also for their spiritual unification.

The water ceremony conducted by practitioners in Kyrgyzstan at the behest of Marshal Jack generated unique and positive concepts and vibrations.

It was one of those rare cases when preparation for a ceremony turned into a self-organizational event. The role of the Aigine CRC was only to help the participants get and stay in touch. Developing a concept of the water ceremony in Kyrgyzstan, relating it to the local needs and interests, classifying and distributing the crystals and the water, determining the place, date and time for the ceremony, identifying the number of participants in each place, and after all taking care of financial issues was all done by the participants themselves.

The participants were representatives of different ethnic, religious and spiritual groups. Moreover, those groups that had a hard time understanding each other due to the language barrier or different spiritual beliefs were tolerant and patient towards each other during the ceremony.

It’s important to note that this ceremony may be viewed as a model of self-organization which enabled each spiritual individual and group to achieve one common goal, and at the same time to preserve their autonomy and identity. Based on Aigine’s five years of experience, it’s a very rare working model of uniting spiritual practitioners.

Self-developed, self-continued, self-financed and fuelled by the intention to take care of the waters of the world and our country, this could be a perfect model to develop and to strengthen the spiritual beginnings in contemporary society. We want to believe that the unified clear waters of Kyrgyzstan will lead to purification and unification of all people living in our country during these difficult times.

Participants of the water ceremony:

  • Aigine CRC
  • Abdrakhman Samatov
  • Burul Zhatiyeva
  • Sultan Sarygulov
  • Tynai Tashmatov
  • Solnce Team
  • PA Kut Ordo
  • Youth movement Ak Shumkar Kut
  • Women’s organization Kyrk Kyz