Discussion: “Does progressive youth need website on traditional knowledge”?

Date: March, 24 2011

Venue: Aigine CRC
Language: Russian and kyrgyz

In the year of 2011, Aigine CRC started working closer with organizations uniting primarily urban, Russian speaking youth which is seeking traditional values and roots. During March and April, a round table “Does progressive youth need website on traditional knowledge?” and a series of meetings were held with the representatives of urbanized youth of Bishkek.

The aim of the discussion was to evaluate the youth’s interest towards traditional knowledge and the website on traditional knowledge www.tk.aigine.kg which was created by Aigine CRC with the financial support of the Christensen Fund in 2009-2010. During this period the website was being maintained and updated by Aigine CRC by itself.

Before the outset of the meeting, an online discussion was held on Facebook where some participants shared with their ideas and opinions. The diversity of viewpoints proved the topicality of the questions being discussed.

On March, 26 the virtual discussion was continued at the Aigine CRC office. Not all the registered participants showed up, however, the present participants were like-minded people who got acquainted with one another with the help of the discussion on traditional knowledge. Ainura Turgangazieve, a staff member of Aigine CRC presented the website to the participants. The participants agreed that such website could play a key role in preserving the traditional knowledge for and transmitting it to generations to come of “urbanized” people.