Ethnobiology research methods course, Turkey 2010


Dates: September 13-21, 2010
Place: Kars, Turkey
Language: English

Ethnobiology research method’s course was organized by the Global Diversity Fund (GDF) and KuzeyDoga Society and was sponsored by the Christensen Fund. The course was designed for researchers and NGO workers from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan who work with local communities and gather traditional ecological knowledge.

The main goal of the course was to introduce various methods that could be used to collect the data and analyze it using emic approach. Participants were able to have hands-on experience on using those research methods by communicating and interviewing local bearers of traditional knowledge. For some participants, newly introduced methods will give an opportunity to evolve their practice and enrich their experience in collecting data and systemizing it further on.

The course was quite effective and useful in terms of experience sharing and learning new things about other cultures. The idea of conducting ethno-coffee breaks was an excellent idea and great educational tool. During the ethno-coffee break, each participant presented one or two things that belong to their traditional cuisine and made in a traditional way.
Participants also made presentations about their organization’s activity, projects and future plans. Aigine CRC was represented by Cholponai U-G who made a presentation about Aigine’s Biodiversity of Sacred Sites project.