Field studies of sacred sites in Naryn province

Aigine CRC has launched field studies of Naryn province’s sacred sites. The main aim of the research is to identify sacred sites located in the province, collect sacred sites’ descriptions as well as traditional knowledge related to them. The first field trip lasted from 18.06. to 26.06. 2013 and was limited to Naryn district of Naryn province.

During the study more than 40 sacred sites were described, photographed and included in the list of Naryn’s sacred sites. The study has shown that the major local sacred sites include Kara-Tash, Er Tabyldy’s stone and caves, Zhyluu SuuYmanbek Moldo’s mazar, etc.

Also, the study has revealed that in comparison to other regions in the country there are no people in Naryn district who serve as shaiyks (guardians) of local sacred sites. Some local people noted that the number of locals making pilgrimages to sacred sites has been reducing, which is leading to lost of “sanctity” of these places.

Next field trip to Naryn province is scheduled the end of July.