Field study on Conviviality and Contention in mountainous areas of Leilek

In September 2015, Aigine CRC launched the filed study within the project Conviviality and Contention in Southern Kyrgyzstan: An Infrastructural Approach.
This project is implemented in cooperation with Dr. Madeleine Reeves (University of Manchester, Great Britain) and supported by the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. A set-up seminar was conducted at the end of August and resulted in developing the research framework and research team. The research team consists of few local people, Aigine researchers, and Dr. Madeleine Reeves.
An exploratory research was carried out on 3-11 September, 2015 in Andarak and Iskra villages of Leilek district (Batken region). The main part of the field study will begin after the parliamentary elections in October 2015, and will last until January 2016. The goal of the study is to observe, identify, describe, and analyze traditional peace-building practices developed by Tajiks and Kyrgyz communities residing in the same area for decades. The project is based on the idea that peace-building practices are closely connected to and defined by conflicts. The project focuses on learning about peace-building practices around the use and development of rural infrastructure in their functional dynamics.
During the exploratory study, the team conducted focus group discussions with teachers in Kyrgyz and Tajik schools, as well as in-depth interviews with religious leaders, members of the court of aksakals, housewives, miners, police officers and other residents of the village.