First experimental seminar Manas Epic as a Spiritual Practice

On January 24, the Aigine Cultural Research Center provided a platform for the first experimental seminar on Manas as a Spiritual Practice initiated and led by Murat Musabaev.

According to Mr. Musabaev’s perspective, the Manas epic recitation allows one to overcome negative emotions and burn off negative energy. Doolotbek Sydykov was the leading manachsy invited to the seminar.

The participants of the seminar were both, spiritual practitioners, and those listening the epic recitation for the first time, as well as those who understand the Kyrgyz language and those representing different ethnic groups.

In the words of Mr. Musabaev, the epic recitation is one of the ancient breathing practices. Therefore, participants’ main purpose was not to understand words, but rather to breathe in a particular pattern during the epic recitation. Mr. Musabaev introduced the breathing practices to the participants and is convinced that, “one would only want to enjoy contemplation after such practice.”

Participants shared their sensations and thoughts after the epic recitation. They all experienced different emotions and feelings. However, no one was left untouched and everyone present there was engrossed in the breathing practice during the epic recitation. But, there were those who were just listening to Doolot and/or the story being told. At the end, Mr. Musabaev commented on the seminar and its outcomes.