1. Beginning of the story. The ancestors of Manas and how Kyrgyz people become scattered (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  2. The grievance of Jakyp and his dream (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  3. Birth of Manas (Salimbai Tursunbaev)
  4. Choosing a name for Manas (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  5. Childhood of Manas (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  6. The first heroic deeds of Manas (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  7. Manas defeats the guardsmen of Esenkan (Rysbai Isakov)
  8. Joloi’s battle with Manas (Tilek Asanov)
  9. Manas’s scuffle with Neskara (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  10. Manas defeats Nuuker the Giant (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  11. Manas is elected the Khan (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  12. Koshoi’s stories (Rysbai Isakov)
  13. Manas’s battle with Kaiyp the Dang (Rysbai Isakov)
  14. Kyrgyz people migrate from Altai to Ala-Too (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  15. Manas defeats Tekes Khan. Manas’s joust with Kyz Saikal (Salimbai Tursunbaev)
  16. Manas fights with Orgho Khan (Rysbai Isakov)
  17. Manas vanquishes Akunbeshim (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  18. The qaurrel with Panus Khan. Kokotoi is elected the Khan (Rysbai Isakov)
  19. Alooke flees from Anjian (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  20. The quarrel with Shooruk. Marriage with Akylai (Ulan Ismailov)
  21. Almambet’s story: His birth and childhood (Talantaaly Bakchiev)
  22. Almambet’s story: Almambet’s arrival to Kokcho’s (Talantally Bakchiev)
  23. Almambet’s story: Almambet’s arrival to Manas’s (Mirlan Jumaliev)
  24. Manas marries Kanykei (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  25. The story of Kozkamandar (Rysbai Isakov)
  26. Kokotoi’s testament (Tilek Asanov)
  27. The funeral feast upon death of Kokotoi: Preparations (Talantaaly Bakchiev)
  28. The funeral feast upon death of Kokotoi: Arrival of Manas to the feast (Kamil Mamadaliev)
  29. The funeral feast upon death of Kokotoi: Activities on the feast. Archery competition (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  30. The funeral feast upon death of Kokotoi: Koshoi wrestles with Joloi the Giant (Salimbai Tursunbaev)
  31. The funeral feast upon death of Kokotoi: Tukubai wrestles with Eragysh (salimbai Tursunbaev)
  32. The funeral feast upon death of Kokotoi: Manas and Kongurbai’s joust with each other (Samat Kochorbaev)
  33. The Great March: The squabble of seven khans (kings) (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  34. The Great March: Kanykei’s preparations (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  35. The Great March: The cavalry takes the road (Talantaaly Bakchiev)
  36. The Great March: Almambet and Syrgak go on the scout (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  37. The Great March: Almambet’s quarrel with Chubak (Samat Kochorbaev)
  38. The Great March: At the Tal Choku peak (Saparbek Kasmambetov)
  39. The Great March: Almambet and Syrgak’s exploratory attack (Kamil Mamadaliev)
  40. The Great March: Almambet’s personal tragedy (Kamil Mamadaliev)
  41. The Great March: Manas’s battle with Makel the Giant (Doolotbek Sydykov)
  42. The Great March: Manas fights against Madykan (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  43. The Great March: Taking away the herd of horses (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  44. The Great March: The beginning of the battle (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  45. The Great March: The Chinese are defeated (Zamirbek Bayaliev)
  46. The Great March: Manas gets wounded (Rysbai Isakov)
  47. The Great March: Arrival of Shypshaidar (Rysbai Isakov)
  48. The Great March: The deat of the warriors (Kubanychbek Almabekov)
  49. The death of Manas (Kamil Mamadaliev)
  50. Kanykei constructs a tomb for Manas (Kubanychbek Almabekov)