In Alymbek aji’s memory

On 12 June 2016 in the conference hall of the historical and archaeological museum of Sulayman TooAigine CRCconducted public commemoration for Alymbek aji Kultaeva- guardian of the sacred mountain, prematurely passed away in January 2015.

In his memory, Aigine together with Alymbek aji’s followers created a documentary film Жарыктан жаралган адам” (Man who came from the light).

On Alymbek aji  example  film’s authors show that carriers of harmony and light live nearby, among us.

Commemoration and the film presentation were attended by spiritual practices, guardians of sacred places, the students of Theology faculty, and Alymbek aji’s close relatives.

 Film will be shown on country’s TV channels (writer – Dөөlөt Sydykov, Director – Yrys Okenova).

Production of the film was partially supported by Christensen Fund project “Building the Collective Memory of the Guardians of Traditional Wisdom”

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A number of participants expressed their desire to organize such scientific platform for the exchange of information and analysis of key historical events in the region on a regular basis.