International seminar, Canada 2010


Date: 5-8 May, 2010
Place: Tofino, Canada

Gulnara Aitpaeva, director of the Aigine CRC participated in the seminar “Local community protected areas” which was conducted on May 5-8 2010 in a picturesque town of Tofino, Canada. The seminar was organized by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) with a financial support from The Christensen Fund (TCF). There were representatives of more than 10 countries round the world.

Gulnara Aitpaeva made a presentation on “Kyrgyzstan as sacred land”. The name of the presentation embodies views of the majority kyrgyz traditional practitioners whose lives are closely intertwined with sacred sites. They are strongly convinced that the sacredness existed on the territory of Kyrgyzstan from the early times and that it doesn’t depend on any human factors. They also believe that Kyrgyzstan itself is a sacred land.

The presentation contained results of the Aigine’s work carried out in 4 provinces (out of 7) which were directed at revealing, describing and further preserving the sacred sites. With the help of hundred’s of local dwellers, we have already collected information about more than 800 sacred sites in the country. If we imagine these sacred sites as a network, then the perception of the land being sacred becomes quite relevant. The presentation also talked about the classification principles of the sacred sites, and indicated ways of preserving and developing them.