The Cultural Research Center “Aigine”, within the framework of the youth project “Solving Youth Problems through Creative Interactions”, supported by the Soros-Kyrgyzstan Fund, announces the selection of participants among young komuz players and visually impaired/blind people ages 14 to 23 years, to participate in a series of training seminars.

What does the seminar involve?

  • Learning from the outstanding musician Nurak Abdrakhmanov
  • Mastering the En Belgi method- an innovative system to learn playing komuz, which does not require knowledge of reading sheet music
  • Enriching one’s knowledge of the komuz and everything that goes along with it
  • Teaching peers with disabilities to play the komuz and at the same time creating a common creative platform
  • Expanding the possibilities of the komuz and En Belgi method
  • Receiving the book on the En Belgi method for free!

By mastering the En Belgi system and the training with the guidance of Nurak Abdrakhmanov, participants will have the opportunity to play komuz melodies with the original sound, expand their repertoire and sharpen their improvisation skills and different playing techniques, as well as enriching their knowledge of the oral history of folk melodies. The week long training seminars will take place in autumn 2013 and spring 2014. Regular meetings with the project participants will be held between the seminars. As the final result of the project, participants will give a concert and demonstrate the possibilities of the komuz to overcome all barriers.

All expenses related to the seminar participation (transportation, meals, educational materials) will be covered by Aigine CRC.

To receive more information and sign up for an interview, call one of the following numbers until July 4th, 6 pm: (0312) 664832/661951; (0553) 444699; (0707) 664 832. The interviews that will determine the seminar participants will begin July 5, 2013 at 10 am.