Jaichylyk: Harmonizing the Will of Nature and Human Needs. Aitpaeva G.

This chapter examines the historical and contemporary dimensions of jaichylyk, the Kyrgyz
spiritual practice related to weather. This analysis is based on epic literature and oral history,
and describes the traditional foundations of jaichylyk, the bearers of this spiritual capacity, its
goals, related rituals, techniques and other properties. Other world cultures have practices
similar to jaichylyk. A reconstruction of the jaichylyk knowledge system based on a targeted
study of the epic Manas and epic tales of other Turkic and Altai peoples (see Mamytbekov,
1993, p. 160; Verbitskyi, 1893, p. 64; Potanin, 2005, pp. 773f) should also enable the
elucidation of modern-day scientific parallels and paradigms.

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