List of published books


The textbook on traditional knowledge related to water “Water’s message

Manual on processing wiry and greasy wool and making crafts from it

Aikol Manas

Blessed Nyldy Ata, 2006

Mazar Worship in Kyrgyzstan: Rituals and Practitioners in Talas, 2007

Muras Taanuu, textbook, 2008

Sacred Sites of Issyk-Kol: Spiritual Power, Pilgrimage and Art, 2009

Sacred Sites in Jalal-Abad and Traditional Wisdom, 2010

Learning How to Play Komuz: Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s Authorial Method, 2010

Sacred sites in Osh and Folk Knowledge, 2011

Blessed Land of Batken and Folk Knowledge, 2012

Video version of the Manas epic, 2012

Manual on Traditional ways of conflict prevention and resolution, 2012

Peace and Conflict, 2012

Video version of the Semetei epic, 2013

Sacred Sites of the Southern Kyrgyzstan: Nature, Manas, Islam, 2013

Video version of the Seitek epic, 2013