Meeting of the guardian of Sulaiman-Too sacred site, Alymbek Kultaev, with practitioners

Kultaev Alybmek Hajji, a guardian of the Sulaiman-Too sacred site complex, had a meeting with practitioners of traditional spirituality on 1 March, 2014. The meeting was conducted at the Meerimyurt at the initiative of the Aigine CRC; it was a continuation of the meeting on sacred sites and guardians, which started on February 16, 2014.

Recently, Alymbek Hajji participated in an international meeting of sacred site guardians held in Kenya on 18-26 February, therefore, he was eager to share his experience with local traditional practitioners. According to his accounts, there are many similarities between people of Kenya and Kyrgyzstan – traditional dwelling resembling a yurt, tribal division, presence of many linguistic groups, as well as nomadic past and present. In his narrative, Alymbek Hajji, made a special emphasis on the pilgrimage tradition in Kenya and Ethiopia, which he learned from sacred site guardians of these countries.

Alymbek Hajji expressed his profound gratitude to The Christensen Fund’s office in Central Asian for their support and unique opportunity to communicate with sacred site guardians of different continents.