Meeting with traditional practitioners, 2008

Meeting with traditional practitioners and people involved in Aigine’s activities

Place: Talas town, Talas oblast, Kyrgyzstan
Date: March 14, 2008
Language: Kyrgyz

The purposes of the meeting:
to present and discuss the manual “Murastaanuu” (heritage) that was prepared by Aigine for 4th-grade-children,
to find out about the agricultural condition in Talas region and what people’s expectations are concerning future developments,
to show our films of sacred sites
to inform Talas residents concerning the important event Uluu Ot
Cultural practitioners, guardians and students took part as representatives of the Talas University, school teachers, and some people who are practicing “kyrgyzchylyk” (Kyrgyz spiritual practices).

The Muras Taanuu manual was introduced and opinions of participations were collected (Aida Egemberdieva).

In order to get acquainted with the agriculture of Talas region, questionnaires prepared with ANTHROPAC methodology were distributed (Aigine team).

As kidney beans are the main product of cultivation, the purpose, meaning and the future of this plant was discussed (Baktygul Tulebaeva).

People in four groups worked on sharing opinions about the connections between farming and sacred places (Aigine team).

Introduction to Uluu Ot: its history, meaning and future plans (Zemfira Inogamova). Our film about five sacred sites in Talas was shown and the opinions of participants were gathered.

Talas students partially got acquainted with the ANTHROPAC method of research, good ideas concerning future agriculture in Talas region came up during the discussions and people got information about the Uluu Ot ceremony and its schedule.