Panel discussion on Spiritual Messages, 2010

Is receiving spiritual messages traditional knowledge or a new thing?

Date: March 4 2010
Place: Aigine CRC

Participants of the round table discussion were those who have been practicing kyrgyzchylyk for quite a long time. Traditional healer, Azhibaev Ergeshbai, shared some information on how he started receiving his writings and on how he wrote a book from his writings. This person’s writing ability known as “automatic writer”, as it was clear during the discussion, is inherent to other practitioners as well. Other participants also shared their experience on how they used received information when writing their books. Discussion was very interesting and lively because each person’s experience provoked many questions from the audience.

It was revealed during the discussion that spiritual messages are sent not only in written form, but also as a melody. One of the komuz players, Aldayarov Kenzhebek, performed some melodies which were received as spiritual messages.

Kachikeev Rysbek, another participant was one of pioneers who introduced a new thought after the collapse of the USSR. He was the author of a weekly column “Spirits Talk” information contained in the articles was astonishing and shocking to some extend. During the discussion, R. Kachikeev revealed some of the things that were not told before.

The concluding point was that it is impossible to define what is a spiritual message, there is no right or wrong spiritual messages. The issue of ethics in regard to spiritual message receivers was also discussed. It was announced that Aigine CRC will be conducting similar round tables on a regular basis.

Article about this round table discussion was published in newspaper Nur El the following week.

List of participants:

  1. Azhybaev Ergeshpai
  2. Aldayarov Kenzhebek
  3. Bakchiev Talantaaly
  4. Sakybaeva Nurzhan
  5. Sariev Abdymamat
  6. Seidakmatova Chynara
  7. Tezekbaev Kubanychbek
  8. Muktarova Gulnara
  9. Mongoldorov Kubanychbek
  10. Turdalieva Gilmira