Panel discussions on Transpersonal Psychology in Kyrgyzstan, 2007

Panel series: Perspectives of Transpersonal Psychology in Kyrgyzstan
Panel #1
Date:          June 12, 2007
Place:         Aigine office, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Language: Russian and Kyrgyz
The participants of the round table were specialists from the spheres of psychological health, philosophers, philologists, historians and traditional healers. Expected difference of ideologies did not impede to the development of booming discussion on preordained questions. One of the most important results of the round table was a realization of the fact that main concepts of transpersonal psychology are successfully applied for development of varies psychotherapeutic methods. Thus, specialists from the Doctor Nazaraliev Center shared with ideas of their two projects and the main positions of TP was used as a basis of the project.
The scientific director of the Medical Center of Postgradute training Duishon Adylov shared with his experience of 3000 traditional healers’ checkup. Including interpretations in regard the existence and possibility of special abilities.
The main outcomes of the round table could be the following statements:
  • Transpersonal Psychology is already developing in Kyrgyzstan;
  • The main sources for the development of TP are uncommon people and phenomena that we can observe at (mazars) sacred sites from one side, and willingness of scholars to describe and interpret from the other side.
  • TP could be used as a successful scientific paradigm to explain some phenomena that psychologists, anthropologists and philosophers face.
  • Striking unanimity that was expressed by participants of the round table during discussions of preordained questions could serve as a positive factor that forecasts a development of TP in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Unique materials of Kyrgyzstan motive us to put forward an ambitious goal: development of our own  concept, that will explain investigated phenomena.
Panel #2
Date:         November 20, 2007
Place:        Aigine office, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Language: Russian and Kyrgyz
The Roundtable was intended to discuss the recent visit of the Aigine members to the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California, USA.  There will be a presentation of the film “Pilgrimage to Boz Tektir Miraculous Plain among Mountains” and further discussion of it in the light of transpersonal concepts.
The film is one of 5 documentary films made by Aigine Research Center to preserve traditional spiritual practices and voice of traditional practitioners.
Researchers on Religion and Culture; Psychologists; Cultural Practitioners
Synopsis of the discussions:
There is a strong folk belief in the Kyrgyz traditional society that certain people are chosen for a spiritual mission like healing, reciting epics, guarding sacred sites, mediating between this world and other worlds; and that their health is directly affected by their acceptance or rejection of this spiritual mission. Learning transpersonal psychology could provide scientific paradigms to help explain many cases which Aigine RC has been observing in Talas and Issyk-Kol.