Panel on Manaschi and Politics, 2010

Date: October, 20, 2010.

Venue: Aigine CRC office
Working Language: kyrgyz

Aigine CRC has been co-operating with manaschy since the very first day of its foundation. People treat manaschy as bearers of the epic Manas, the zenith of kyrgyz spirituality. Lately, some manaschy started to get involved in politics more immediately. In order to find out how and to what extend such a trend influences the people’s perception of manaschys as a bearers of the epic Manas, the most important aspect of Kyrgyz spirituality, Aigine CRC conducted a round table called “Manaschy qualities and politics” on October,20, 2010. Scientists, researchers, politicians, representatives of different organizations uniting traditional culture practitioners participated in the round table.

Chynara Seidakmatova, a proponent of the idea that manaschy should stay away from politics, and Asan Jakshylykov, a national writer of the Kyrgyz Republic, opened the discussion. Manaschys, in their turn, told that their main desire is to improve the epics position and if they got elected to the parliament they would pursue no goal of improving their own financial and material position but the goal of improving the epic. Manaschys, who took part in the discussion, such as Urkash Mambetaliev, Tabyldy Aktanov, Kulmat Sydykov, Kubanychbek Monoldorov, who is working on compiling a new version of the Manas epic; scientists such as Kusien Isaev, Umut Asanova, Sovetbek Abdrasulov, Emil Kanimetov, Jyldyz Orozbekova, Baktukan Torogeldieva; Melis Murataliev, the head of the “Bakdoolot”   public fund and a meber of it Gulnur along with Keneshbek Aitikeev,  the head of the fund “Bata”, and Bakyt, a member of “Kut Ordo” organization and others expressed their opinions and shared with their ideas on the issue. For example, they told that manaschys are regular sitizenz of our state and are free to enjoy all rights granted by the Constitution.  The membership of manaschys such as Talantaaly Bakchiev and Doolot Sydykov in the Kaganat party and Ulan Ismailov’s – in Zamandash party provided grounds for discussion. First two manaschys declared that they had left the political party.

The round table was closed with the speech of Gulnara Aitpaeva, the head of the Aigine CRC.