In May 2013, with the support of Aigine CRC, the work of traditional knowledge carrier Sadyr Zhumagazy uulu, “Yntymak-Chatak” (Conviviality- Contention) was published in Kyrgyz. The book outlines and analyzes the methods of preventing and resolving conflicts, which was historically developed in the culture of the Kyrgyz people. The core of the author’s concept is that the categories of peace and conflict should be seen as an interaction; as two inseparable parts of a whole. From Sadyr Zhumagazy uulu’s point of view, conflict studies as a branch of knowledge suffers from one-sidedness and fails in this or that specific context. As acknowledged by the author, the push towards creating labor was the starting point of a team of experts working together on a manual for traditional conflict solution; within the framework of Aigine CRC’s project on transferring peacekeeping traditions to the youth, supported by the US Embassy in 2012. The book reflects the author’s practical experience in reviving traditional methods of self-organization, as well as an in-depth knowledge of traditional beliefs and worldviews.

Aigine CRC is convinced that traditional methods for the prevention and solution of conflicts of different nations should actively be used alongside modern ways of solving problems. Aigine CRC believes that the publication of this work will help attract attention from holders of traditional knowledge of other peoples living in the country, to the methods of prevention and resolution of conflicts inherent in their culture and worldview. Aigine CRC is ready to cooperate with other people and organizations working in this field.