Articles published in the book “Sacred sites of Isyk-Köl: Spiritual Powers, Pilgrimage, and art” (in Kyrgyz, Russian and English), Aigine, 2009:

  • Aitpaeva Gulnara. The dispute on pilgrimage to sacred sites among Kyrgyz Muslims
  • Aldakeeva Gulmira. The role of spirits in Kyrgyz culture
  • Almashev Chagat, Erlenbaeva Maya. Sacred sites and objects of the peoples of Altai republic, Russia
  • Bakchiev Talantaaly. Sacred sites and manachys
  • Inogamova Zemfira. Researching sacred sites in holistic approach
  • Kudabaeva Guljan. Religious courses in Kyrgyzstan: Tribalism and His but-Tahrir
  • Mamyev Daniel. The sacred land concept based on an example of the Karakol nature and ethno park “Uch Enmek” Republic of Altai, Russia
  • Orozobekova Jyldyz. Ysyk-Köl and manaschy (The story of how Shabai Azizov’s “Manas” reciting was recorded)
  • Schubel Vernon. Islam’s diverse paths: seeking the “real Islam” in Central Asia
  • Tabaldiev Kubat. Sacred sites in Ysyk-Köl and bordering regions
  • Tülöbaeva Baktygul. Belief and knowledge in healing practices
  • Egemberdieva Aida. Understanding of “Mullah” before soviet period

Articles published in the book “Sacred Sites in Jalal-Abad and Traditional Wisdom (Jalalabaddagy iyik jerler jana el daanyshmandygy (original)”, Aigine,2010:


  • Aitpaeva, G., Aldakeeva, G., Egemberdieva A. “Common followers of Islam or phenomenon of mullahs in Kyrgyzstan”
  • Feaux de la Croix, J. “How are pastures, sacred sites and hydropower stations connected?”
  • Shubel, V. “Islam’s diverse paths: seeking the real Islam in Central Asia”
  • Tashbaeva, K.  “Saimaly-Tash – an ancient sanctuary”


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  • Talantaaly Bakchiev (Manaschy, scholar, one of the Aigine’s key informants). Manaschy and Supernatural World. The publication of Taalim-Forum organization, coming in 2010.