“Rethinking of the 1916 Uprising in Central Asia”

Aigine Cultural Research Center in partnership with the American University in Central Asia (AUCA), French Institute for Central Asian Studies (IFEAC), Central Asian Studies Institute (CASI) held the international scientific conference “Rethinking of the 1916 uprising in Central Asia» in Bishkek on 20- 21 May.

The year 2016 marks the centenary of the 1916 Uprising in Central Asia, which is seen as the largest and the most violent national protest against the Russian colonial rule.

The purpose of the meeting was to create open scientific platform for discussion the Central Asian 1916 uprising in a wide historical and interdisciplinary contexts. The workshop was held in the format of thematic sessions and discussion, which allowed more fully illuminate the various aspects of the conference theme. The conference was held in three Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages.

The meeting was attended by historians, anthropologists, political scientists, linguists and other experts from Central Asian countries, Russia, Japan, France, China, USA, Poland and Australia. Valuable empirical material, new historical data, research concepts and hypotheses were presented at the meeting. The workshop was held in an atmosphere of intense concentration and an intensive search for the truth.

The meeting included a thematic concert where rare works were presented, such as poetry of  Ysak Shaybekov “Kayran el” (” Suffering people”, 1916), performed by the group “Marjan” and Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s composition “Үrkүn” (Exodus 2009) in the performance of his disciples.

A number of participants expressed their desire to organize such scientific platform for the exchange of information and analysis of key historical events in the region on a regular basis.