Sacred Sites in Jalal-Abad and Traditional Wisdom, 2010

Sacred Sites in Jalal-Abad and Traditional Wisdom (Jalalabaddagy iyik jerler jana el daanyshmandygy (original)

The book is in the Kyrgyz language. The publication was supported and financed by The Christensen Fund, USA

The book is based on the findings of a two-year research study carried out in Jalal-Abad, a southern province of Kyrgyzstan, by the Aigine Cultural Research Center.

The first part of the book contains a description and oral history of sacred sites in the Jalal-Abad province. It also includes articles closely related to the phenomenon of sacred sites andkyrgyzchylyk.

The second part of the book includes academic papers by local and international scholars.

Part I

  • Chapter I: Sacred sites in Jalal-Abad province
  • Chapter II: Sacred site – premise of benevolence
  • Chapter III: One makes a pilgrimage for the sake of a child
  • Chapter IV: Sacred site – way to attain health in life
  • Chapter V: Place secrets
  • Chapter VI: Heavy burden of kyrgyzchylyk
  • Chapter VII: Abundance of land and talent of people
  • Chapter VIII: Human spiritual giftedness
  • Chapter IX: People and earth are kin
  • Chapter X: What do stars have to say?
  • Chapter XI: Nature’s phenomena
  • Chapter XII: Flora and fauna

Part II

  • Aitpaeva, G., Aldakeeva, G., Egemberdieva A. Common followers of Islam or phenomenon of mullahs in Kyrgyzstan
  • Feaux de la Croix, J. How are pastures, sacred sites and hydropower stations connected?
  • Shubel, V. Islam’s diverse paths: seeking the real Islam in Central Asia
  • Tashbaeva, K.  Saimaly-Tash – an ancient sanctuary

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NOTE: The book is available for purchase at 600 KGS.