Short summary of summer events

Beginning of September was marked by completion of Aigine CRC’s summer seminars and field research trips.

Summer sessions of the seminar on Manas epic and Nurak Abdrakhmanov’s En Belgi system for teachers, were conducted on the shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake and mountains of Karakol.  The summer sessions of the aforementioned seminars were aimed at transmitting information through live interaction, i.e. through process of recitation, musical performance and interpersonal communication with mentors. The core element of the sessions was immersion into the world of traditional spiritually through tysh joruu (oneiromancy) andkaiyp ilimi, communicating with spirits and invisible guardians (eeler, pirler) of water, soil, fire and sky. While working with a particular version of the epic and individual recitation manner, a special emphasis was put on initial diversity of epic versions and folk melodies. Mentors individually worked with young manaschys to overcome their fears and other confrontations they have with their inner and religious values. Mentors were from different regions and represented different schools of recitation.  Doolot Sydykov, Kamil Mamadaliev, Kuban Almabekov, Ryspai Isakov and Zamirbek Bayaliev were the main mentors of young manaschys.

Aigine CRC has also completed its field research on sacred sites in Batken oblast. Our research team reached some of the most remote places, such as high mountainous Aikol Lake, blacksmiths’ halidom Dootpirim in Leilek and hot springs of Zardaly and Kojeshkent. Local people have a saying “Why to go to Zardaly if you don’t have an urgent matter? Why to go to Kojeshkent if you don’t have an urgent need?” These places of pristine beauty, holding powerful cultural meanings, can be accessed only by many-hours-long walk on quite dangerous trails. One of the most impressive sites was a vast spring Chechme that literally unites Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Today, we have identified 92 sacred sites in wonderful region of Batken.

Please follow the links below to view some of the snapshots from the summer events: