Spring session, 2011

Date:                       16-20 March, 2011 
Place:                       Erevan, Armenia
Working language:     English, Russian
Spring session of the ReSET Soviet in Everyday Life was conducted on 16-20 March, 2011 in Everan, Armenia. The session was organized by the Aigine Cultural Research Center together with the Program on Central Asia and Causacus of the Harvard University. The project is  supported by the Higher Education Program of the Open Society Intstitute. 

Themes of discussion 

Group #1 Soviet everyday school/school and childhood 

Participants: A. Chashukhin, I. Rebrova, A. Denishchik, S. Oushakine
J. Shoerberlein
Insiders and outsiders; Transformation of the elite: from Soviet to post Soviet
A. Chashukhin
Social conflicts among teachers in socio-city space in 50-60’s
A. Kojobekova
Detailed interview analises
I. Kotkina
Opera and drama during the Stalin’s reign: preliminary results
Group #2 Rural space during Soviet and post Soviet time
Participants: B. Isakov, J. de la Croix, G. Joraev, G. Shagoyan
J. de la Croix
Interdisciplinary sessions
G. Shagoyan
Hierarchy of cities during Soviet time
Research on collective memory
A. Denishchik
Presentation of research project
Seminar on visual teaching methods
I. Rebrova
Memory. War. Childhood
O.Smolyak and A. Chashukhin
Seminar: Everyday life and theory of everyday life 
Teaching curriculum: Soviet in Everyday Life 
Group #3 Objects in social space and social practice
Participants: A. Golubev, Yu. Skybytska, O. Smolyak
A. Golubev
Guest-lecturer: Aleksey Popov
E. Keskula
Work/work space during Soviet and post Soviet time
E. Keskula and T. Basina
Group #4 Museums
Participants: G. Joraev, M. Nemtcev, E. Keskula, G/ Djunushalieva, Yu. Skbytska
Group #5 Informal networks 
Participants: G. Aitpaeva, E. Keskula, A. Kojobekova, T. Basina