From April 24 to May 1, 2014, the third seminar of the project “Solving Youth Problems through Creative Interactions”, supported by the Youth Programs Fund “Soros-Kyrgyzstan”, took place in the guesthouse “Gosresidenzia No. 2” in Cholpon-Ata. Participants included students from the boarding school for the blind and visually impaired, as well as students from the schools of the capital. The goal of the seminar was to prepare for a final concert, where the results would be showcased.
The seminar was led by a former student of Nurak Abdrakhmanov, Anarkul Tynaeva. Due to health problems, Nurak Abdrakhmanov was not able to lead the seminar, but he did provide general advice. A considerable contribution to the success of the seminar was made by volunteers, students from the Kyrgyz National Conservatory.
In addition to intense training of the “En Belgi” method, the program of the seminar also included various activities aimed at the comprehensive progress of the project participants. To strengthen ties between the creative youth and the youth with disabilities, several meetings between the project participants and the staff of the children’s music school K. Orosova in Cholpon-Ata were organized. Young local musicians and the guests demonstrated each other their repertoire. The seminar also included meetings devoted to traditional knowledge. The strongest impression was made by members of the ‘Salbuurun’ Federation, as they brought along a one year old Taigan Karakush, two eagles Aksholtoj and Tsher, as well as a Peregrine Falcon. The participants with disabilities had the opportunity to view, touch and feel the kindness of the birds. They also had a similar opportunity of learning by physical touch when they visited the museum and cultural center “Ruh Ordo” named after Chingis Aitmatov.
An unplanned, yet very beneficial event was a presentation by the project participants of the group “Guldoj jan” at the final concert in Cholpon-Ata. Their technical skills on the komuz and the smooth playing as an ensemble earned the students of Nurak Abdrakhmanov the highest marks from the teachers of the Cholpon-Ata music school.
The final concert of the students from the project “Solving Youth Problems through Creative Interactions” will take place on March 26, in the Great Hall of the Philharmonic, from 4-5.30 pm.