Video shooting of Seitek, the final part of the Kyrgyz “Manas” epic trilogy

On June 8, 2013 Aigine Cultural Research Center launched video shooting of the third and final part of the Kyrgyz epic trilogy Manas, Semetei, Seitek. Kyrgyz TV and Radio Company, ElTR, represented by manaschyand producer, Zamirbek Bayaliev, once again became our partner in implementation of this project. The list of 37 core episodes of the Seitek epic was approved and confirmed by the epic reciters themselves. The first episode of the epic, Aichurok’s Forced Marriage (Aichuroktyn oljogo ketishi) was performed by the eldest active manaschy, Saparbek Kasmambetov, who recently celebrated his 80 year anniversary. The filming of the episode took place in a national handicrafts exhibition hall of the Museum of Fine Arts named after G.Aitiev.

The video compilation of the Seitek epic will contribute to producing the first and complete audio/video version of the entire epic trilogy, which will depict and retain the current state of the epics and contemporary recitation practices. The video compilation is supported by The Christensen Fund, U.S.A., within the framework of the project, Ensuring Development of Traditional Practices.